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Where We Provide Value

Sales Activity Management

Our solutions are user friendly and maintain the required balance of productivity and accountability.

Reporting & Dashboards

We build visual dashboards and reports that get you the information you need when you need it.

Digital Transformation

Converting manual paper processes can provide you with big boosts in productivity with much less effort.

Marketing Management

E-mail, web, phone, social, print. Our solutions provide the ability to both execute and measure – real time.

system integration

The cornerstone of any highly functioning process is integration. We erase double entry waste.

Mobile enablement

Business teams spend lots of time out of the office. Having information when you need it is critical.

What We Do

Alternetics is a Business Process Engineering firm specializes in the technology and processes that streamline business operations. Our job is to understand the goals and objectives of our clients organization and put systems and processes in place to acheive those goals and objectives as efforlessly as possible. It is our perfect combination of technology and business process expertise that makes even the most resource intensive tasks easier and less costly to the organization.

With thousands of technology solutions advertised to simplify and improve your business operations, it is virtually impossible for any business executive to do anything more than guess that they are making the right choice. And of course, making the purchase does not guarantee success. Success only comes after each product is integrated into your organization, providing a positive return.

Alternetics takes the guesswork out of business process improvement by providing the solutions you need at a cost that is affordable, budget-able, and ROI justifiable.

Some of What Makes Us Different

While we have clients in many industries, our focus is primarily directed at those industries where we have the most experience. We have found that industries with large sales and marketing teams and those with complex lead to close process benefit the most from solid repeatable processes.

Alternetics has developed a signifigant number of processes and solutions that virtually eliminates the need for a ground up software development effort. We bundle these pre-built components, as needed, into our clients environment for a completely custom experience. The best part of this method is that is doesn’t come loaded with the time and cost typically associated with a custom built solution.

WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! And our clients think we are pretty good at it too. Some of our happiest business moments are when our clients see the results of our combined efforts and realize the value they have added to their business. We live the old Confucius saying every day. “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”.

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