November 3, 2015

Salesforce to Outlook 2016 Integration – UPDATE has released an update that addresses all the issues associated with Outlook 2016 integration.  If you have not done so already, download the latest version! 

For those Office 365 users out there who also use, you may want to wait to upgrade to Office 2016 until the Salesforce to Outlook 2016 integration is created. Though the current Salesforce to Outlook Integration plugin clearly does not include Outlook 2016 in the compatible version lineup, there are occasions where products do actually work, but are simply not supported.  This is not one of those cases…  After upgrading to Office 2016 in our test environments, the Salesforce to Outlook Integration plugin failed to launch.

If you must upgrade today and need the integration to work today, there are other options. Cirrus Insight has an Office 365 connector which they market as Office 2016 compatible.  You can check it out for yourself here. There are probably others out on the App Exchange if you spend a little time looking.

Hopefully the strengthening relationship between and Microsoft will begin to reduce the time between new releases and the compatibility of their products.


For those of you still struggling to regain functionality of your Salesforce to Outlook Plugin, there has been progress.  Though Salesforce released a new version that was supposed to work, you may still have issues if you enabled the Lightning Experience.

Salesforce has recognized the issue and is working for a fix.  Here is a link to the Salesforce support site with additional information.



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