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Salesforce Implementation

With over 17-years experience deploying CRM systems, the common thread linking all successful implementations is they all started simple.  Alternetics will work with you and your team to identify simple business elements that can be configured into your Salesforce.com platform to make the job easier.

For implementation projects, our focus is always on configuration over customization. Though we always have the ability to write custom code, most Solesforce.com platform products come out of the box with a very configurable feature set. Knowing the products well is one of our strengths.

Why Choose Alternetics?

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    Senior Level Project Leadership

    Alternetics staffs every project with a senior level Architect Administrator who has the experience and know-how to complete your implementation on time and on budget. What makes our team unique is that they know what to do in addition to knowing how to do it.

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    Rapid Deployment Model

    Alternetics has found that the faster you get users in the system and experiencing the value it can bring, the faster you will start to see true ROI for your investment. It is for this reason we utilize a rapid deployment model whenever possible for first time CRM implementations.

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    Agile Project Methodology

    If there is one thing that is certain about CRM deployments, it is that the project will change. By utilizing an agile project approach, Alternetics is able to make changes to the project plan and deliverables on the fly.

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    Long-Term Relationship Philosophy

    As you will find after your initial implementation, you will naturally want to make additional changes to the system. Alternetics still works with clients from the first years of business and approaches each project as the start of a very long, mutually beneficial partnership.

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