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Fractional Administration

Our Fractional Administrator offering allows you contract one of our certified CRM administrators on either a full-time or part-time basis to be your Dynamics Sales or Salesforce project champion. This is not a consulting offer.  This is one of our experienced team members working hands-on with your team, at your office or remotely, to execute campaigns, analyze data, train users, create reports, create dashboards, and generally maximize your investment.  Our clients are usually blown away at how much we can accomplish – even on a part-time basis!  You will see the difference experience makes the first day.

What Will We Do?

  1. 1
    User Training

    The most requested service that returns the highest benefit. Your administrator will train hands on, via video, in group classes, etc. Imagine the increased productivity  when all of your users are professionally trained!

  2. 2
    Reporting & Dashboards

    Need to see information in a report format? Do you review the same KPI’s on a regular basis? Would you like to see those KPI’s real-time on a chart or dashboard. Your Fractional Administrator can do all those.

  3. 3
    Data Governance

    Good, reliable data directs and drives business growth.  Unfortunately very few businesses realize how bad their data really is until it is time to execute. Your Fractional Administrator will consistently analyze and mass update your data. Knowing where and how to look are the keys to successful execution.

  4. 4
    Email Communications

    Most companies plan to send regular communication to their customers and prospects, yet few ever do. Salesforce includes communication functions your Fractional Administrator will help you set up and utilize for your ongoing communications campaigns.

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    Productivity Enhancements

    Experience and know-how are critical to effective problem solving. If you are not aware that a specific Dynamics Sales or Salesforce function exists, it will probably never be used. Your Fractional Administrator knows their respective product well enough to help improve processes and resolve issues across departments and between personnel within your organization.

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