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CRM Training

There are very few business tools on the market, technology or otherwise, that will work to their full potential without users being trained. Signing up for CRM is easy. Understanding how to use it after you login for the first time is not.

Alternetics understands how important user training can be because we have see the before and after results in hundreds of organizations. Our unique training philosophy will increase productivity immediately.  Video or in person, we have a training solution that will fit your needs.

Why Choose Alternetics?

  1. 1
    Experienced Trainers

    The Alternetics business is built on and around CRM technology. It is what we do! Our trainers actually know and understand CRM technology which allows for a much more in depth training experience.

  2. 2
    Multiple Training Options

    Prefer one-on-one training for your team?  How about video training? How about a combination of the two?  Alternetics can provide a customized training solution designed to fit your specific needs.

  3. 3
    Multi-Session Training Option

    Not sure if you can get all you people trained in one session?  Alternetics can create a multi-day training program to ensure a consistent education experience for all users.  Even if it takes more than one day!

  4. 4
    Training Specific to YOUR Needs

    CRM platforms are extremely customizable. It is rare for an organization to use CRM without some modifications. Alternetics will take the time to understand YOUR usage of CRM platform and create a training program for how YOUR process works.

  5. 5
    Continuing Education Program

    Lets face it, organizations have turnover. The worst thing to do to a new member of your team is to put them in the job un-trained. Alternetics can provide continued and ongoing training for your organization ensuring no one is left behind.

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