Bulk Lead Conversion from Custom Objects in Salesforce

If protecting company data is not high on your corporate must do lists, you may want to rethink your stance. Read more about how we assisted one global manufacturing client protect their data without limiting the ability for employees to do their jobs.

SalesLogix – Salesforce Migration

Mergers and acquisitions are great ways to double revenue and infrastructure. Read how Alternetics solved the multi-system dilemma.

Automated Case Assignment

Need case auto assignment? We've been there and done it! Read how we solved the problem and the ultimate outcome for the client.

Salesforce Conditional Document Creator

Looking to add a Salesforce PDF Document Creator to your Salesforce deployment? Read how we did just that to help one client solve contracting challenges.

Sales Cloud Implementation

Planning a Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation? Read the results realized by a leading telecom customer who used our expertise to ensure success.

Genesys CRM Integration

Read how we significantly increase the productivity to for one large auto insurance company with Genesys CRM integration.

CRM Address Validation

If you have ever thought there must be a better way to handle CRM address validation in your system, this case study is for you. Read about our solution.

CRM TCPA Compliance

TCPA compliance is a must If you have a CRM system and you have a telemarketing effort. Read more about how Alternetics solve this for a large auto insurer.

Protecting Company Data

Ever considered the ramifications of not protecting company data? Could you survive if it was deleted or ended up at the competition? Learn what you can do.

Efficiency with Mobile Devices

Using mobile devices in the workplace can greatly enhance productivity. Read how Alternetics helped one client do just that.

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